The Genesis of

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When FEN Biotech was created in December of 2018, we were unable to find a source of biomass to purchase for processing that fit within the requirements of the State of Minnesota Pilot Program and the federal 0.3% total THC limits. 

As a result, our team researched the process for planting industrial hemp with Minnesota farmers. We found strains of hemp that were internationally recognized by two certifying seed agencies (OECD and AOSCA) as industrial hemp.

The inability to find a compliant sources of biomass, and the knowledge we acquired, led us to develop the FEN Biotech Model.

The FEN Biotech Model

Partner with 35 Minnesota farmers to plant internationally certified industrial hemp seeds, produce biomass that will meet the federally required THC limit, and allow us to produce clearly traceable CBD at an infinite scale that will easily support national and global brands.

Why is this important?

Customers who demand full traceability and the assurance that the CBD supplied to them is federally compliant, will find value in knowing our philosophy and process.  We believe that our methods ensure that our CBD is derived from federally compliant plants, verified through testing before and after our fields are harvested.