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Six Enviromental Benefits of Growing Industrial Hemp

Six Enviromental Benefits of Growing Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp Can Help Lead The Way Towards A Future That Embraces More Environmentally Responsible Agriculture Practices.

Planting industrial hemp provides more resources to the environment than it consumes. Hemp has the potential to facilitate many avenues of revenue and minimize environmental stresses other agricultural commodities can bring.

6 Reasons why Industrial Hemp is the Perfect Organic Crop

Industrial Hemp in Field
1. It’s A Natural Weed Suppressor.


Industrial hemp is planted densely to help suppress weeds and other crop pressures. When planted this way, hemp can protect itself-eliminating the need for toxic pesticides.

2. Hemp Is Susceptible To Very Few Insect And Disease Pressures.

Every plant has its weaknesses, but hemp is naturally resistant to most pressures other agricultural commodities face. When grown in rotation with wheat or soybeans, hemp has actually improved yields for those crops.

hemp cleans the soil
3. It Aids In Bioremediation.

Bioremediation means to use living things to clean polluted soil. Industrial hemp was planted at Chernobyl in 1998 by Phytotech. A research scientist at Phytotech, Slavik Dushenkov,  stated that “hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find”.

hemp carbon negative
4. Industrial Hemp Produces A Carbon Negative Footprint.

Hemp absorbs more carbon than it produces.  For every 1 ton of hemp harvested, 1.62 tons of CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere.

hemp for paper
5. It Prevents Deforestation.

One acre of hemp can produce as much pulp as 4 acres of trees. Hemp-derived paper is much stronger and is able to be recycled more times than paper made from wood

Roots of Hemp Plant
6. Hemp Battles Compaction.

Hemp tap roots can penetrate 6-12 inches deep. Due to this long root system, hemp is able to break up compacted soil caused by soybeans and corn. The ability to eliminate compaction, aerate the soil, and rebalance nutrients makes it ideal to introduce into crop rotations.

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